Another specific form of medical malpractice that may result in a claim or lawsuit, failure to diagnose is that which pertains to a doctor’s failure to take the necessary and proper steps to correctly determine the nature of the patient’s medical condition. Indeed, a patient relies on the expected expertise and knowledge of the doctor whom he or she presents himself or herself to for a check-up, and if such doctor fails to properly diagnose or detect the medical condition, he may be held liable should the patient suffer injuries because of the lack of diagnosis.

Seeking Liability in a Potential Failure to Diagnose Case

Unlike other forms of medical malpractice, such as surgical or medication errors where there is usually concrete evidence, failure to diagnose is a certain type of medical malpractice that is not as easy to prove. For one, it cannot be easily proven that the patient, had he or she been diagnosed properly by the doctor being sought liability against, he or she would not have suffered unnecessary injuries and, correspondingly, unnecessary expenses.

In order to support a claim involving failure to diagnose, the patient needs to provide sufficient evidence that, essentially, lead to the conclusion that the concerned medical practitioner failed to exercise the degree of diligence required of him given his profession, and that this duty, which the patient must also prove to be owed to him or her, was not exercised, therefore proximately causing the injuries suffered by the patient.

Some of these pieces of evidence that may help a claiming party include:

  • Patient’s medical records
  • Proof of correspondence with the doctor, including doctor’s notes and prescription
  • Statements from relevant witnesses
  • Expert testimony, including the doctor from whom second opinion was obtained

Failure to Diagnose Lawyer in Norcross GA

While medical malpractice cases involving failure to diagnose are not as easy to prove as earlier mentioned, many of these cases have nonetheless prospered because the patient chose to engage the services of a competent and experienced failure to diagnose lawyer to help in furthering his or her case. These lawyers do not only proficiently know the substantial and procedural laws relevant to a client’s case, but they also have had years of training in the application of these laws. Such expertise is most certainly beneficial in seeking liability in instances involving failure to diagnose or any other kind of medical malpractice.

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