Whenever a medical practitioner or healthcare provider fails to meet the standards demanded by his profession, or acts, in any way, so as to deviate from such standards, thereby causing injury to the patient, a medical malpractice case potentially arises. Of course, when a patient presents himself or herself to a doctor or any medical professional, the patient naturally relies on this professional’s expertise and knowledge and thus expects to receive safe, well-judged, and risk-free medical assistance. If the patient receives otherwise, and, as a result, unnecessary injury is suffered, the healthcare professional shall be made to answer for the harm caused and expenses incurred.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases come in different forms, precisely because there are various procedures performed and steps taken in a given medical situation. In Atlanta, and in different parts of the country for that matter, the most common medical malpractice cases are:

  • Misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis: This happens when the physician fails to recognize clinical signs and symptoms, fails to seek additional information from the patient, fails to order medical testing, or fails to refer the patient to a specialist or medical expert who can better assess the medical case. Errors in conducting a test, in evaluating data, or in labeling test results also fall under this medical malpractice category.
  • Failure to treat: Some common instances of failure to treat include discharging a patient too soon from the hospital, failing to provide clear instructions in relation to follow-up or post-hospitalization care, or failing to order appropriate medical tests and procedures for the patient. Another example is disregarding a patient’s medical history in prescribing medication or in ordering a specific treatment.
  • Surgical errors: Many medical malpractice cases occur in the operating room, where a number of difficult and sensitive procedures take place. Some of the most common errors that can happen during a surgery include performing on the wrong part of the patient’s body, leaving tools, gauze, or other foreign objects inside the body of the patient, failing to properly administer anesthesia, or disregarding accepted medical practices prior to, during, or subsequent to a surgical operation.
  • Prescription errors: Mistakes involving prescription drugs can have an effect as mild as a minor allergic reaction or as tragic as the loss of life of the patient. Specific types of prescription errors include prescribing the wrong medicine for a certain diagnosed condition, prescribing the wrong dosage (either too much or too little of a given drug), or failing to recognize dangerous drug interactions and/or allergic reactions.
  • Birth injuries: Many medical malpractice cases also happen while a mother is giving birth. Some of the most common birth injuries include improper prenatal care, improper use of forceps and other medical or surgical tools, failure to recognize fetal distress, delay in administering a C-section, or improper handling of the baby during or after delivery.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Atlanta

Medical malpractice cases require the services of a qualified medical malpractice lawyer, especially if the circumstance involves making a reimbursement claim or claim for damages against a medical professional. This is because these medical practitioners, more often than not, will be backed up by the hospital and, most likely, its own attorney. As a patient, you, too, must be assisted by a lawyer, who is not only experienced in handling medical malpractice claims and cases, but who will also fervently fight for the interest of the client.

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