Parents or guardians would know how important it is to ensure the safety and protect the interests of children under their care. However, as adults, we can only do so much to make sure that our children are completely safe from harm. Even if we are extremely cautious, accidents can always happen and can result in the injury of innocent children. These unfortunate situations can happen in school, church, parks, and even in daycare or health facilities, just to name a few.

If your child suffered injuries because of the fault or negligence of another, know that you, on behalf of the child, are entitled to protection under the law. In particular, personal injury laws allow parents or guardians to seek liability and claim damages because of the injury suffered by their children, if it can be sufficiently proven that the injury is a result of the act or omission of the defendant—that is, the person whom you are looking to claim against.

Common Children’s Injuries

As emphasized earlier, accidents can always happen, and these accidents can come in different forms. Particularly for children, below are some of the most common injuries, attributable to another person’s negligence or recklessness, that children can regrettably experience:

These unfortunate occurrences can cause catastrophic injuries to the child, or even his or her wrongful death. It must also be emphasized that these are merely physical effects—there are other equally devastating effects that can arise from these instances, should the child survive. We also have to consider the distress, trauma, and other mental and emotional pains that the child may go through as a result of the injury, apart from that of the parents, guardians, and the entire family.

Children’s Injury Lawyer Norcross GA

Musgrove Trial Firm is your partner as you fight and stand up for your child. At Musgrove, we genuinely understand the difficult consequence of personal injury cases. Thus, we will handle everything for you—from the documentation, communications, negotiations, and even up to the court proceedings, if necessary—so that you and your child can focus on complete recovery.

Of course, claiming compensation is never automatic, despite the fact that you and your child are completely faultless. There are certain things you must prove, as in all personal injury cases, so that you may be able to claim damages from the person whose negligence proximately caused the injury. These damages do not only include medical expenses but also general damages, or those arising from the suffering, mental anguish, and the anxiety experienced by the child.

Musgrove Trial Firm can help you claim these damages that you and your child rightfully deserve under the law. 

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