The choice of leaving a child in the hands of another is one of the most difficult decisions that parents or guardians have to make. Certainly, a parent or legal guardian has the primary duty to keep the child under their care safe at all times. It is also the truth, however, that for some people, it is not possible to spend every moment of every day with the child. While some are fortunate that they can forego other responsibilities to focus on caring and supervising the kid, not everyone has that privilege. For the latter, they have no choice but to entrust to another the care and supervision of the child.

This is where daycare providers come in. These providers are referred to in different ways—nursery school, day nursery, daycare center or institution—but all of these essentially offer the same service, which is to provide supervision and care for young children during the daytime, in order for their parents to attend to their work during such time.

Definitely, parents and guardians have the right to expect that children are safe, treated well, and provided with nourishment and other necessities. The state, of course, expects the same and, in fact, set some standards and enforced relevant statutes, all for the benefit and safety of the child under a daycare provider. When providers fall short of these expectations, a daycare negligence or injury claim may potentially arise.

Common Signs of Daycare Negligence or Injury

It is but normal for children to occasionally come home with minor bumps and bruises, but these should not be, in any way, a regular occurrence. As a parent or guardian, when these happen a little too often, they can be your telling signs of daycare negligence or injury.

Whether you suspect that there indeed is daycare negligence or injury that can give rise to a claim, or you simply want to proactively defend your child’s health and overall wellbeing, here are the following common signs of abuse or neglect in Georgia and other parts of the country:

  • Frequent and unexplained cuts, wounds, and bruises
  • Change in behavior, including aggression, withdrawal, or over-attachment
  • Nightmares and/or trouble sleeping
  • Unusual thirst or hunger coming home from daycare
  • Fear or avoidance of daycare and/or its caretakers
  • Unexplained tiredness or lethargy because of neglected nap schedules
  • Abnormal developmental delays

Norcross GA Daycare Injury Lawyer

If you are in need of a lawyer in or near Norcross, Georgia who will be able to expertly handle your daycare injury claim or case, Musgrove is here to help.

Located in Norcross, Georgia, Musgrove is one of the state’s top law firms that offers legal support and expertise in daycare negligence and injury and other types of personal injury cases to clients within Norcross and nearby areas.

Musgrove offers its services at the most competitive rates and takes on daycare negligence cases in the area, which may involve:

  • Negligent supervision
  • Emotional, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Playground accidents
  • Improperly maintained premises and equipment
  • Injuries caused by harmful objects, defective toys, and even other children

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