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Defensive Driving Tips in Georgia

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Defensive Driving Tips in Georgia

Defensive Driving in Atlanta and Norcross, GA

Driving is probably one of your most routine activities, but it’s also likely the most dangerous. Hundreds of Georgia drivers’ lives end in accidents every year. While you can’t control other motorists’ actions, you can minimize your risk by being a defensive driver—taking a few simple precautions to protect yourself from unsafe drivers and other hazards. Our attorneys at The Musgrove Trial Firm are here to share our defensive driving tips with you, and if you’re ever involved in a Metro Atlanta traffic accident, give us a call.

Assume That Other Drivers Will Make Mistakes

Unfortunately, not all drivers exercise the utmost level of care behind the wheel. Look out for drivers running red lights or stop signs at intersections, changing lanes or turning without signaling, or suddenly hitting their brakes. Even if you have the right of way, you should be prepared for motorists who appear to think otherwise. You’d much rather lose a bit of time than your life.

Be Predictable

Drive in a manner that leaves as little room for confusion as possible. Use signals when you turn or change lanes, maintain a consistent speed, and avoid weaving through traffic. On the highway, stay in the middle lane(s) as much as you can, reserving the far right lane for exiting and entering and the far left lane for passing. Don’t make others question your next move.

Maintain a Safe Distance from Other Vehicles

Depending on your current speed, you should leave at least three seconds of driving time between you and the vehicle in front of you. Allow for even more space in certain situations like hazardous weather, when someone is tailgating you, or when you’re behind a much larger vehicle. You want to give yourself and other motorists enough room to avoid a collision.

Pay Attention to Blind Spots

Be mindful of whether or not other drivers can see you, especially in the case of large vehicles like tractor-trailers. If you can’t see the driver in the truck’s mirror, they can’t see you either. As for your own blind spots, always take a quick glance behind you before changing lanes. And if your vehicle doesn’t have blind-spot mirrors, you can buy inexpensive yet effective attachable ones online.

Avoid Altercations with Other Drivers

Road rage is no joke; it’s led to murder in all 50 states, including Georgia. If a driver seems upset at your driving, don’t engage with them in any way, including eye contact. Even if they’re in the wrong, it’s best to let the infraction go and move out of their way.

Keep Your Eyes Far Down the Road

Anticipating problems before you encounter them requires focus. Don’t let technology, daydreams, a heated conversation, or kids in the backseat distract you. Look for things like erratic drivers, slow traffic, intersections, highway debris, and open-bed trucks with loose objects. If you see a hazard, take preventative actions such as slowing down or safely changing lanes.

Contact The Musgrove Trial Firm if You Get in an Automobile Accident

No matter how well you practice defensive driving, sometimes traffic accidents are still unavoidable. If you or a loved one has been involved in a traffic accident in Metro Atlanta, the personal injury lawyers at The Musgrove Trial Firm will provide you with the legal care you deserve. Schedule your free consultation today.