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What Are the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

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What Are the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

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Several factors can cause pedestrian accidents, but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), four main ones are:

  • Distracted drivers.
  • Failure on behalf of pedestrians or cyclists in adjusting their speed and turning radius when crossing an intersection without traffic control such as stop signs.
  • I was not paying close enough attention while walking across roads where there was no crosswalk nearby.

Pedestrian accidents happen for a variety of reasons. They may result from distracted driving, inattentiveness, or confusion. Drivers can also cause these collisions by making risky maneuvers that surprise unsuspecting pedestrians, such as running. They were down without time to react because they were looking at something on their phone instead.

People often do not realize how dangerous it can be when they walk in their neighborhoods. There is no shortage for blame, but there may well come up with some good intentions and then step on something that doesn’t belong to them or trip over an obstacle without seeing it ahead of time! The following information will help you understand more about these types of incidents: 

Most cases involve pedestrians who were crossing illegally at an intersection; failing this would mean rushing through an unaware driver’s red light -Poor visibility due mainly  Many factors cause pedestrian accidents, but pedestrians should be aware that the main ones include distracted driving and inattentive drivers. When you’re walking down the street or crossing an intersection, it is essential to pay attention to avoid getting hit by someone else’s carelessness.

Liability for Pedestrian Accidents

There is often a fine line between whether one person’s negligence extends to another. This can create complicated issues in court and liability for accidents, but one thing that many people don’t know about pedestrians’ rights may help them stay safe:

The law says if you are hit while walking on public property or outside of your home, then the driver must have had “grossly Negligent” behavior, acting negligently according to some standard set by the society (which would be unfair). However, what isn’t clear yet is how much responsibility drivers carried when there was no evidence this kind of behavior occurred before an accident happened, so please always wear bright colors.


Injury prevention is a challenge for pedestrians and drivers alike. But there are some things you can do to reduce the chances of an accident, such as: slowing down when approaching distractions like distractions or stop signs; not crossing against traffic where cars might have difficulty seeing across lanes due to cyclists who may be riding on one side of the road with bike lane markings denoting its use by bicyclists only (examples include Dutch cities); standing still after sounding bells mounted above entrances, so that confused individuals know they’re entering a crosswalk from which point it will become clear whether anyone else needs those spaces too – if no others step out then proceed without fear.

In a car accident, it is often easy to point out who was at fault. In the case of pedestrian accidents, however- especially those that involve injury or death on both sides -the victim’s family has limited options in bringing charges against their purported aggressors because most countries have no law mandating such actions by loved ones after an accident with another person outdoors where nobody was wearing identifying clothing like hats or shoes so they can’t be identified as responsible if something goes wrong. Contact us today to learn more.