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The Most Common Type of Construction Accident

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The Most Common Type of Construction Accident

The most common type of construction accident is slips and falls. The covers for this include wet or moist surfaces, rough terrain, cracks in the flooring caused by expansion and contraction from temperature changes, so they’re prone to spontaneous mishaps while working on projects like these too.

Every day, there are hundreds of accidents in the construction industry. These include falls from height or equipment failure to slips and trips on wet surfaces, which can all happen when working without proper protection against them – like hard hats, for example. 

Falling from Heights 

The Most Common Type of Construction Accident-Falling from Heights 

A survey done by the U.S Department for Labor shows that 80% percent of all work-related deaths can be attributed to falls, with most occurring when workers are on scaffolding or elevated platforms. It’s important not only because it results in many injuries but also disables people in their careers. Peak Performance Management states this type has become “increasingly risky” due to structural changes caused by new technologies like globalization, which often lead them into hazardous locations where they might take more risks than before to accomplish things faster.

Slips And Falls

Construction site accidents are not uncommon and can be tragic, but they’re more likely to happen when there’s a risk of tripping or slipping on wet surfaces. The most common type of construction accident is slips-and-fills; this occurs because stairs may have been walked down while covered with ice-cold water, which would make any footing treacherous at best. A slip and fall can be devastating to your health, as well as costly for the insurance company. You must take care in these circumstances by ensuring nothing was left behind or near where it happened so we don’t have another case like this one.

Accidents From Machinery

Did you know that the most common type of construction accident is an incident from machinery? That’s right, and it can be easily prevented with a few simple steps. The key to preventing these accidents lies in understanding exactly how we operate our machines at work (i.e., what safety equipment and practices should I follow?) and slowing down when near heavy equipment like trucks or forklifts so there aren’t any unexpected movements which could cause injury. Machines can be dangerous, and it’s essential to stay alert at all times. If you are injured in a construction accident from machinery because of negligence on behalf of another party or parties who knew about these risks but ignored them out of spite for whatever reason – do not hesitate to contact us.

Electric Shock

Electric shock is one of the most common types of construction accidents. It can be prevented with a little bit of knowledge about how to handle these potentially dangerous situations. In all cases where there’s contact between two people or objects- even if one doesn’t feel anything at first glance – move away immediately after! If possible, call for help so professionals will have better access than you would on your behalf to prevent further injury by getting shocked again when they arrive onsite.

Contact a Construction Site Accident Attorney

Have you or someone close to them been injured on construction sites? Have they had any accidents with negligence at work, such as forklifts that caused an injury when it backfired into another worker who was walking by? After dealing with these types of damages, the last thing anyone needs is worrying about how their family will cover medical bills and other associated costs from this terrible event in life! As more people become interested, attorneys often need assistance preparing for cases like this due diligence. There are many strong reasons why hiring one could make sense during tough financial times where every penny counts towards making ends meet. 

A construction site accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries. Why should you hire a skilled and experienced lawyer? We understand all of the technical aspects that will be important to build up our case against the company at fault. Contact us now.