Many people in Georgia rely on public transportation services to get from one place to another. People who do not own automobiles are constrained to rely on the services of taxi or rideshare companies for mobility, and even those who own cars, at times, choose to avail of these services to avoid the stress of driving in traffic, paying for gasoline and parking, among others.

Given this high number of taxi usage in Georgia, road accidents involving taxi cabs have unfortunately occurred and will continue to occur in the future. In the regrettable event that you suffer an injury in Georgia as a taxi passenger, know that you have the right under the law to claim compensation for medical and other expenses as a direct consequence of the accident. Other expenses include general damages, or non-monetary losses that are not capable of pecuniary estimation, such as pain, suffering, trauma, which, of course, are just as important and and must similarly be compensated for.

Georgia’s Laws on Liability in Taxi Accidents

Under Georgia statutes, particularly with respect to insurance, taxis are required to carry the same minimum coverage as that of a privately owned vehicle. These minimum insurance requirements are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Insurance of $25,000 per person
  • Bodily Injury Liability Insurance of $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage Liability Insurance of $25,000 per accident

What does this mean for an injured passenger? To put it frankly, while Georgia taxi cabs carry a substantial insurance policy and are required to do so under Georgia’s laws, this does not mean that an injured passenger is guaranteed to be paid—in the full amount, at least. Insurance adjusters, or the people whom injured parties are most likely to transact with, work to reduce the payment of claims or avoid payment altogether. This is expected, of course, as insurance adjusters are paid to protect the interest of the company they work for.

Norcross GA Taxi Accident Attorney

As such, in taxi accidents, it is important that you hire someone who will protect your interest, too. To level the playing field with these big insurance companies and taxi companies, you are highly encouraged to engage the services of a personal injury lawyer who will expertly and efficiently handle your case, in order for you to claim the amount you rightfully deserve under the law. Essentially, hiring a personal injury lawyer is necessary to put you on equal footing with these big businesses.

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