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Your airbags are supposed to deploy in the event that your car is involved in an accident so that the extent of the damage is minimized. Because of a number of circumstances, the airbags could fail to deploy, leaving the driver or passengers seriously injured. There are airbags, or cushions, built into vehicles to protect drivers and passengers from hitting the interior of the vehicle or outside objects in extreme circumstances. 

An airbag’s deployment is based on sensors that determine the impact’s severity. Sensors measure the severity of an impact and fill the airbag within a fraction of a second if this is severe enough. After a crash, occupants of the vehicle may continue to move forward while the car comes to a halt. Frontal airbags are designed to prevent occupants from being seriously injured in these situations when used in conjunction with seatbelts. Since 1999, all new vehicles must have had frontal airbags.

If you were injured in an automobile accident and believe that the cause of your injuries was an airbag failure, then The Musgrove Trial Firm can help you pursue compensation for your injuries. There are many airbags recalls and warnings issued by the auto industry each year due to component failures and airbag defects. Even though thousands of vehicles are recalled annually, it’s too late by then, and people have already been injured or have died as a result. 

You need the assistance of a defective airbag attorney to get the compensation you deserve. As important as it is to receive compensation for your injuries, you should also bring an auto manufacturer airbag failure lawsuit against them.

There are a number of reasons why airbags fail to deploy. For instance, the crash may not have been severe enough. An impact that is not too severe could be adequately protected by the seatbelt alone, so there would be no need for airbag deployment. Second, the passenger side airbag will not deploy even in a serious accident in newer cars that can detect when there is no passenger in the vehicle. Furthermore, some cars come equipped with a manual on/off switch for the passenger airbag. This switch must be turned on in order to deploy the airbag. Last but not least, an airbag may not deploy due to a faulty component.

Whenever an airbag is replaced, there is a high probability that it will malfunction. Following an automobile accident that results in airbag deployment, the deployed airbag must be replaced with a new one. To keep counterfeit airbags from being installed in vehicles, repair shops should be able to identify fake airbags.

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