The Metropolitan Roswell Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) might be liable for your damages if you sustained injuries in a bus or train accident in Roswell. Our attorneys at The Musgrove Trial Firm are skilled at bringing brutal accident and wrongful death lawsuits against MARTA. 

Taking any damage claim or legal action against MARTA is essential. It includes a rapid reaction team composed of investigators and MARTA police officers to address any injury event rapidly. These response teams have as many pieces of information as they can immediately gather to support MARTA’s defense.

This puts you at a disadvantage as soon as you start accumulating crucial information to show that MARTA was to blame for your injuries. By meeting with our nationally renowned Musgrove Trial Firm personal injury attorney, you must act as soon as possible to safeguard your rights and tip the scales back in your favor.

Our excellence in personal injury litigation and excellent outcomes are the reason for our strong reputation in Roswell. But what motivates us to succeed is knowing that what we do matters greatly to our clients and their families. Let’s say you were hurt in a MARTA-related accident. In that scenario, you can be confident that we will offer you individualized legal assistance designed In the absence of such action, you would be left with unjustified debt.

Metro Roswell Rapid Transit Authority-Related Accidents

Any car accident involving MARTA property, including cars, escalators, and other moving objects, can be handled by our firm, including:

  • Bus And Train Accidents.

Regardless of whether a careless driver caused your injury or a train struck a loved one. You might seek our attorneys’ assistance in getting financial compensation for your losses.

  • Negligent Security.

MARTA is required to take reasonable precautions to keep its passengers safe. This is crucial in metro Roswell’s dangerous zones, where passengers have been shot and killed while standing on subway platforms with no security. You may be able to sue MARTA liable for providing insufficient protection if you were attacked or a loved one was slain on a MARTA vehicle, rail station, or bus stop.

  • Poorly Maintained Property

The property of MARTA must be kept up to a reasonable standard. This entails routinely checking for issues with elevators, escalators, staircases, buses, trains, platforms, bus stops, and other property. Accidents brought on by risky or carelessly maintained property are the responsibility of MARTA.

Damages in a MARTA Accident Case

You have the right to financial compensation for your losses when you suffer injuries in an accident that was someone else’s fault or something else’s. In addition to your medical expenses, damages may also include the effect of your accident on your capacity to work and other aspects of your life.

Contrary to popular belief, losses can be more challenging to estimate. Medical bills, pay stubs showing missed income, and other documentation can be used to demonstrate your previous financial losses. However, calculating future or intangible damages is more challenging. For instance:

  • Upcoming Medical Costs.

It is frequently necessary to contact medical professionals who can calculate the price of the future treatments you will require.

  • Future Lost Income.

Economic and occupational specialists can assist in calculating your future lost wages if your injuries prevent you from returning to work, allow you to work only part-time, or force you to accept a lower-paying position.

  • The Sorrow And Pain You Have Gone Through.

Although there is no specific monetary value for this kind of loss, there are ways to estimate how much your suffering and pain will be worth in light of the seriousness of your wounds and monetary losses.

Your MARTA accident lawyer will handle the calculation of your damages on your behalf. Most accident victims undervalue their complaints, but our attorneys will ensure you get every penny you’re entitled to. If not, you’ll be stuck with obligations you shouldn’t have to fulfill.

If you need an accident attorney, get in touch with The Musgrove Trial Firm right away!