Pedestrian accidents are on the rise in the United States. In fact, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) predicts that 6,590 pedestrian fatalities occurred in 2019, the highest number in over 30 years. Unfortunately, Georgia is not exempt from this statistic; our state reported the fifth highest number of pedestrian deaths that year. The Musgrove Trial Firm is a personal injury law firm based in Norcross, Georgia, that specializes in pedestrian accidents and getting clients just compensation for injuries, lost wages and more. Our legal team is here to help all those who have been involved in a Norcross or metro Atlanta pedestrian accident. Keep reading to learn more about the types of pedestrian accidents and what to do if you or a loved one is involved in one, or call 678-226-1994 to speak to a member of our legal team. The Musgrove Trial Firm is here to help!

Common Pedestrian Accident Scenarios in Metro Atlanta, Georgia

Pedestrian accidents can occur in many ways, but some of the most common pedestrian accident scenarios in metro Atlanta, Georgia, include:

  • A pedestrian is hit by a person in a vehicle who is backing up, such as in a parking garage or driveway.
  • Crosswalk accidents, when vehic

    Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Atlanta, GA - The Musgrove Trial Firm

    les fail to yield to a pedestrian or a pedestrian disregards the “walk” signal.

  • Distracted driving accidents.
  • Drunk driving accidents.

Ways to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

The experienced personal injury lawyesr at The Musgrove Trial Firm want to offer these tips to drivers and pedestrians on how to best avoid pedestrian accidents in Atlanta:

Tips for Drivers on How to Avoid Hitting a Pedestrian

  • Look out for pedestrians at all times, especially when backing up.
  • Use extra caution when driving at night or in hazardous weather.
  • Be prepared to stop when entering a crosswalk, and never pass vehicles who are already stopped. They may see people crossing that you don’t.
  • Follow the speed limit, and heed slower speed limits in school zones and neighborhoods where children are present.

Tips for Pedestrians on How to Safely Walk Metro Atlanta Streets

  • Whenever possible, walk where drivers expect pedestrians: on sidewalks and crosswalks. Otherwise, walk on the shoulder and facing traffic, and cross streets in well-lit areas where you have the best view of traffic.
  • Increase your visibility at night by wearing reflective clothing or carrying a flashlight.
  • Make eye contact with drivers as they approach to make sure they see you.
  • Watch for cars entering or exiting driveways or backing up in parking lots.

Tips for Everyone on the Roads to Help Avoid Pedestrian Accidents in Atlanta

  • Follow the rules of the road; obey signs and signals.
  • Avoid using electronic devices that distract you from your surroundings.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs. Alcohol impairment by the driver and/or pedestrian was reported in nearly half of pedestrian accident fatalities in 2018, according to the GHSA.

What to Do If You Are Involved in a Pedestrian Accident

Here are the steps to take if you or a friend or loved one is involved in a pedestrian accident:

Call 911

First, call emergency services to alert police and paramedics of the accident. When the police arrive, make sure they take your statement so that you can tell your side of the story.

Record Information about the Accident

Take photos of the scene of the accident, of any injuries you have sustained, and of any damages. Obtain contact, insurance, and vehicle information from all parties.

Seek Medical Attention and Track Injuries

Be sure to seek medical attention, even if you don’t think you are seriously hurt; you want to properly identify any injuries you may have. Document your healing progress as well as all medical care and related costs.

What NOT to Do Following a Pedestrian Accident

You should also make sure to do the following if you’re involved in an Atlanta or Norcross pedestrian accident:

  • Don’t leave the scene of the accident before help arrives.
  • Don’t admit fault or apologize — no matter how other parties are reacting.
  • Don’t move seriously injured victims, except to prevent further injuries (like if they’re in the road or near a fire).

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