A person’s life can change in an instant, and it leaves them feeling vulnerable without their most fundamental means for self-care or independence; they may struggle day after day just trying to get through each hour with some semblance of normalcy while going about living out what little years remain until retirement thinking “I want this pain/inconvenience gone” over & over again.

A Norcross personal injury is considered the most severe kind of accident. A person can lose a leg or an arm in one. They may also experience other severe injuries such as brain damage from lack of oxygen caused by CPR performed on them when necessary because no signs show any life left inside this body.

Common Causes of Loss of Limb Injury in Norcross

The most common cause of limb injury is an accident. In Norcross, there are two types: crush and traction injuries which both happen when someone’s foot becomes trapped under something heavy or caught between their toes (like an escalator). There can also be cases where bones snap due to too much stress from walking long distances with little rest in between steps and slipping on wet surfaces such as ice cubes sliding during finals week at school.

While there are many different causes of arm and leg trauma, such as car accidents or falls from heights, one type stands out when it comes to how common these injuries happen in Norcross. There is no one “cause” for why someone might sustain a broken bone that affects their ability to move around significantly afterward: instead, they tend to occur due to an extreme force like crashing into something unexpectedly hard while driving at high speeds on public roads; being bit by insect ingesting food you planned incorrectly before cooking; getting pinned down under furniture during home renovations — even if none seemed likely factors were involved.

When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer for Loss of Limb

When you have lost a limb, the world can seem like its ending. Your life will never be what it was before, and that loss is hard enough to take in without worrying about compensation for medical bills or pain-and-suffering award claims as well. To help get everything back on track quickly, so we don’t keep pushing this process along while our clients struggle with their emotional wounds long after any case has closed, we handle all matters related directly involving injury at hand by contacting one of Georgia’s finest personal injury lawyers. Contact us now.