Two of the world’s most prominent package delivery businesses, Federal Express and United Parcel Service, use tens of thousands of vehicles and vans for collection and delivery. Trucks from UPS and FedEx can typically deliver their packages in a secure and risk-free manner. Less than one accident occurs for every million miles traveled by more than 100,000 truck drivers employed by the United Postal Service. They travel more than 3 billion miles on US roads and highways annually. On the other hand, commercial delivery trucks are occasionally blamed for fatalities and severe injuries resulting from serious auto incidents.

Common Reasons for UPS Truck Accidents on Surface Streets, Highways, and Other Roads

Accidents involving delivery trucks might have many different causes. One of the most prevalent causes of UPS and FEDEX truck accidents is the carrier driver’s carelessness. The following are typical reasons why UPS/FedEx truck accidents happen:

  • They were driving at high speed to meet deadlines. There can be instances where the carrier cannot meet deadlines because of traffic or another issue. Accidents can result from excessive speed since turning, and braking is more complicated and frequently result in accidents.
  • They are getting behind the wheel while intoxicated or under drugs. Drivers may use medications to remain up so they can deliver packages and drive through the night. These substances may impair a driver’s ability to make decisions. In the same way, reckless drivers may operate a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering other road users.
  • They are driving while distracted. Truck drivers may pull out their phones to text, call, update their GPS, or change the music. Extreme caution must be used by drivers while operating a vehicle.
  • They are not adhering to the rules and regulations for truck driving. Every truck driver must follow the laws and guidelines developed exclusively for trucks. Large vehicles have their own set of rules, which was done to reduce traffic and protect other motorists.
  • The vehicle maintenance is done incorrectly.
  • Faulty truck components, including brakes that aren’t working properly and tires that blow out.
  • Incorrect freight loading. Insufficient cargo securing may fall from the vehicle and hit the pavement. To avoid the delivery, some motorists can veer off the road, which could lead to a collision. The corporation will be held accountable.
  • Drowsy driving and vehicle control issues. Driving may be a demanding career. Driver weariness might result from failing to take the advised breaks. There could be severe consequences if a truck driver falls asleep while driving and loses control.
  • Faulty instruction. Trucks must comprehend and abide by the rules and regulations that apply to them because they have their requirements for driving safety. They won’t know how to drive a truck safely if they don’t obtain the required instruction, which could result in serious accidents.

Limitation Period For Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks

The statute of limitations establishes a deadline which is why you must launch a lawsuit in response to most offenses. It is unacceptable to claim damages after the statute of limitations has run out. You got two years from the accident date to file a lawsuit if you were involved in one. 

It would be ideal if you talked to an experienced lawyer who can help you navigate the challenging process of bringing a case. The courts won’t accept your case even if your documentation is complete and you acquire the required evidence. There’s a chance that time will pass, ending both your opportunity to receive compensation for your losses and your potential never to get your money back. The two-year statute of limitations is subject to certain exceptions. In cases where a minor was the victim, the statute of limitations does not begin to run until the victim is 18.

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