Have you been injured in an accident involving a Bird scooter? Musgrove Trial Firm Injury Lawyers are here for all your legal needs. We have experience with these types of cases and will help guide the way through this challenging process so that it doesn’t leave any scars on your heart or wallet. Who do you think should be held responsible for a Bird scooter accident? You don’t have to worry about who’s at fault in an accident when you’re riding Bird. You can contact our team of experienced scooter accident attorneys for help recovering damages on your terms.


What Are Bird And Lime Scooters?


The scooter is an electric-wheeled vehicle that can be used for transportation. It has been growing in popularity among millennials and Generation Z due to its affordability. With prices ranging from $1 to $5 per day, depending on how long you ride. There are over 1 thousand units throughout Atlanta alone, but this number may increase further since they’re becoming more prevalent daily.


Renting a scooter is as easy and convenient as downloading an app on your phone. You can easily find any available Bird or Lime models using the search function, then choose how long you want to rent. Renters must be 18 years old with proof that they have been licensed by uploading their driver’s license through the app, uniquely identifying riders and operators to ensure safety. There is no way either company knows who uses these devices, though; it’s all anonymous software-based tracking technology, so nobody has access except those renting out.


Bird And Lime Accidents


The scooter-sharing app market is booming, and it’s not uncommon to see new legislation coming into play. When riders rent a Bird or Lime vehicle, they agree upon the terms of service before taking off on their own two wheels. There has been an increase in many different types of accidents over the last year that involve scooters. Some causes of these accidents include:


  • Poor Maintenance: Bird and Lime scooters are not consistently and appropriately maintained.


  • Scooter Riders Are Beginners:  They don’t have any experience driving this type of vehicle.


  • Distracted Driving:: Scooter riders choose the sidewalk to avoid larger vehicles.


Accident Compensation Bird And Lime Scooter 


The company will not take responsibility for any accidents and you agree not to sue them if your ride malfunctions or gets defective during use. So why do people consider this an option?


There are many risks to renting a car that you might not have considered. You could find yourself in an accident and be at fault, or the other party may hold you responsible for their damages if they were involved with another incident while returning your vehicle afterward- so read carefully before signing!


Do I need A Lawyer For My Lime or Bird Accident? 


After an accident, you must seek legal counsel immediately. You may be entitled to compensation; if not, there are still injuries that need healing. A skilled lawyer will know how to check the insurance policies of the negligent party. So they can get your settlement right away before anything else happens or, worse yet, miss out on repairing all damages done because someone chose DIY justice over hiring professional help in the first instance.


Hire An Expert Bird or Lime Accidents, Lawyer


If you’ve been injured in an accident, we want to help. We understand that accidents can be overwhelming and confusing so let us take care of everything for you, even if it means making tough decisions on your behalf. You don’t have to handle your case by yourself. Hiring a lawyer after an accident can seem like the last thing you want to do. If you or someone close to has been injured in an accident with birds and limes, contact us today. We look forward to reviewing your case so we can provide the best possible service.