What should you do after a tractor-trailer accident happens in your life? You will need a tractor-trailer lawyer Marietta to help you with the case. A Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer Marietta can provide legal assistance for a range of issues relating to tractor-trailers such as product liability, cargo claims, and more.

The reason for needing a tractor-trailer accident lawyer Marietta is if you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident involving tractor-trailers. The trucker’s attorneys will also work closely with insurance companies on behalf of their clients so they are aware that the person does not get taken advantage of during negotiations and trial proceedings.

The tractor-trailer lawyer Marietta will provide you with legal advice and representation for your case, from the initial investigation to negotiating settlement agreements that are fair and equitable.

This type of law practice handles many different cases from personal injury to wrongful death lawsuits including:

Personal injury cases

• Wrongful death lawsuits

Products liability cases

• Negligence claims, and more. They handle all types of tractor-trailer accidents including:

– Tractor Trailer Rear End Accidents (RTAs) – When the driver in front stops abruptly or slows down suddenly to avoid an obstruction on the highway, a tractor-trailer can smash into it from behind causing injury for those inside as well as damage to the vehicle. This is also known as “Truck On Truck” crashes where one truck rear-ends another at high speeds due to negligence by one party.

The other common type is when two trucks collide while merging onto highways resulting in major injuries and serious property damages such this video shows what happens when they don’t merge properly.

– Tractor Trailer SideSwiping Accidents (TSAs) – when a tractor-trailer swipes the other vehicle from the side. This is one of those smaller accidents that happen more often than you think and can result in serious injuries and property damage because there’s usually no airbag protection for people sitting next to or near the driver.

•Cargo Losses: When someone falls asleep at the wheel, they are not able to look out for hazards on their way like large trucks carrying livestock where if they get loose it can cause major damages as this video shows what happens when cows escape onto I-80.

*The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates that truck drivers suffer about 400 fatal crashes per year which have resulted in the deaths of about 4000 truck drivers annually.

*Speed limits: The limit on most rural highways is 55 miles per hour and not going over the speed limit can save a driver from an accident because when speeding it’s harder to break or swerve if they need to, and that means more accidents for them which will lead to one being injured.

•Oversize loads: This includes trucks carrying oversized equipment like power lines, bridge sections, large machinery such as cranes; these are usually traveling at lower speeds than typical tractor-trailers so there may be less chance of serious injuries happening but still poses hazards on other cars driving around this vehicle especially if coming out of blind corners or lanes where visibility is limited.

*Lane departure: Lane departure means that a driver has moved out of their lane, which is something tractor-trailer drivers are more likely to do if they’re driving tired or not paying attention.

– Speed limits

– oversize loads

– lane departures

As the tractor-trailer accident lawyer in Marietta, I’ve seen firsthand how serious these accidents can be and want to help save others from experiencing the same pain, suffering, and long recovery time while providing them with quality representation so let’s talk!