We care more about your case than you do, if not more. We understand that there are injuries and damages needing compensation which is why we want to make the process of getting compensated easy for everyone involved. Our team will care for everything, so concentrate on getting better quickly. The last thing you need after an accident is another problem. Hire a skilled Marietta car accident lawyer to build your claim so we can focus on getting everyone back safely. It doesn’t matter if it was moped or not. Contact our office today and schedule an appointment with our friendly staff for some legal help talking through what happened while figuring things in order before they get worse.


Causes of Moped Accidents 


Accidents between motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds are on the rise. Larger vehicles, such as cars, have a hard time sharing roadways with these smaller modes of transportation because most drivers don’t give them enough room when they see one coming from their perspective behind an approaching vehicle or near another pedestrian’s footsteps. Some of the leading causes of these accidents are:


  • Dangerous weather conditions


  • Vehicles failing to check blind spots


  • Cars were improperly changing lanes.


  • They are not following traffic laws.


  • Distracted driving


  • Road hazards


  • Mopeds are getting cut off.


  • Mechanical Problems


  • Drunk driving


Accidents happen all the time, and there’s usually one cause. If you’ve been injured in an accident, it is crucial to contact a lawyer immediately so they can help you go through your options for compensation.


Types of Moped Accident Injuries


Awareness of the risks involved in riding a moped is essential. Though they have less safety equipment than other motorcycles, these vehicles are still capable of causing severe injuries due to their high speeds and lackluster brakes, making it easy for accidents to happen without warning. Even if you wear a helmet when driving one. The most common types of moped accident injuries include:


  • Spinal Cord Injuries



  • Broken Bones


  • Road Rash:


An Insurance Company Has Offered Me Money. Do I Need A Lawyer?


Insurance companies don’t want to pay what you deserve because they know that an experienced attorney can help your case. If the amount offered by insurance is not fair, contact one of our lawyers, who will fight for more money for yourself and others in need.


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You deserve a fair and just resolution for your case. Let our lawyers help you get what’s rightfully yours after an unfortunate accident with one of these great little cycles. We offer free consultations to answer all questions about how best to move forward in this challenging time on completely impartial terms. Nobody wants any conflict of interest whatsoever when dealing with such severe injuries as those sustained during accidents involving motorcycles or scooters, or even cars.