Auto accidents occur for various reasons. Oftentimes, the mishap is attributable to the driver (causes such as distracted driving, driving under the influence, or violating traffic safety rules). Still, there are also instances when a road accident happens even without fault on the driver’s part. One of these causes is defective automobile parts. In a case where it is proven that the auto defect is the reason for the accident, the injured party or parties may be able to claim against the concerned car manufacturer or dealer validly.

Defective Automobile Parts Lawyer Marietta

Overview of Auto Defects

To better understand defective automobile parts as grounds for claiming an auto accident, it is important to discuss the different types of auto defects that have caused and continue to cause road accidents across the country and the world. These types of auto defects are:

  • Defects in design: These defects refer to any flaw in the vehicle’s layout and its parts, which possibly poses road risks but were not taken into consideration during the planning and designing process. A concrete example would be the Ford Pinto, which had its fuel tank near the bumper, and thus presented a high risk of explosion in case of a rear-end collision. This under-designed vehicle was recalled in the late 1970s.
  • Manufacturing defects: These pertain to mistakes in the production of the car parts, including the assembly of such parts to build the vehicle. One of the most common manufacturing defects back in the 1990s was faulty tires, which caused vehicles back then to dangerously swerve or topple over.
  • Deficiencies in marketing: This type of auto defect includes inadequate safety warnings, lacking or misleading labels, insufficient instructions or details in the user’s manual, among others. 

Defective Auto Parts

Zooming in on manufacturing defects, car manufacturers, dealers, and distributors have the legal duty to ensure the quality of the vehicles they turn over to every paying customer. In addition to this primary responsibility, they are also under the obligation to provide consumers with warnings of potential risks and hazards, if any, necessary instructions for the operation and maintenance of the vehicle and all the appropriate product and car part labels. 

When an auto accident occurs and, upon investigation, it is shown that the proximate cause of the mishap is an auto defect, the injured party or parties are allowed by law to seek liability and damages from and against the responsible manufacturer dealer or distributor. An unsuspecting driver, surely, relies on the assurance of these companies that his purchased vehicle has been quality-checked by them and is, therefore, free from any defect that may endanger his life and others while on the road. Thus, if he gets involved in a road accident because of the negligence of the involved company or companies, he is entitled to protection and redress under our laws.

In legal terms, this is called a product liability claim. If a case involving such a claim prospers, the injured party or parties will be compensated for losses suffered because of the auto accident, including medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, and property damage.

Seeking Liability for Defective Auto Parts

Seeking liability in an auto accident involving defective auto parts goes two ways. The client can be the injured party who wishes to claim against the company or the companies involved. It can also be the car manufacturer, dealer, or distributor that seeks to avoid or, at the very least, reduce liability and the payment of damages.

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