The vehicles we use to commute to work each day are essential to our daily lives. As well as being safe for us, they provide us with comfort and convenience. It is unfortunate that sometimes defective vehicles cause dangerous accidents that lead to the death of innocent drivers. A defect in the design of the vehicle or a defect in the vehicle’s performance may cause some of these accidents. 

Manufacturers may fail to test their vehicles in accordance with certain safety standards or fail to pay attention to any issues revealed during those tests. Our attorneys at The Musgrove Trial Firm can assist you in pursuing a defective vehicle claim if you or someone you love has been injured or died as a result. Our attorneys will review your case and assist you in getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

We discuss every aspect of a traffic collision with our attorneys so that we can determine whether an automotive defect led to the collision, as well as whether poor design played a part in the injury suffered by the victim.

  • The defect rate in the production of automobiles and their designs

    Poorly designed vehicles, such as SUVs with narrow wheelbases and a high center of gravity, may be more prone to tipping or rolling over than vehicles with a longer wheelbase and lower center of gravity. Vehicles with defective parts are also covered by this warranty. Different systems or parts may also be prone to defects, for example, brakes, power steering, seat belts, and many others. Car accidents can be caused or contributed to by these factors.

  • Issues related to crashworthiness

The crashworthiness of a vehicle is another serious concern associated with auto product liability. Essentially, a vehicle’s ability to protect its occupants is determined by its ability to protect them during collisions. A defective auto may not have caused any car accident, but if the victim’s injuries were more severe due to the defective or poorly designed vehicle, this may allow a lawsuit to be filed against the manufacturer. The failure of an airbag to deploy in an accident may be an example of a faulty one.

The Musgrove Trial Firm is here to help you

There is a legal obligation for auto manufacturers to ensure that their vehicles and vehicle parts are free of defects. Safety standards should be followed when designing them, and they should function properly as well. Products that are substandard can be legally liable for injuries caused by their use if the manufacturer produces and distributes those products. In the event that carmakers, dealerships, distributors, or auto parts facilities are found to be negligent, our team of qualified attorneys are prepared to hold them accountable. 

A good attorney can provide valuable insight into auto product liability claims involving faulty vehicle parts or crashworthiness, whether the accident was caused by a defect or the vehicle’s crashworthiness caused the victim’s injuries.

Our Musgrove Trial Firm auto product liability lawyers can assist you with more information, so don’t hesitate to contact us at our firm for a free consultation!