A sexual assault injury is an act that results in physical harm to your body. There are two types of these – you can get them during sex or after it’s over, and there was no consent for what happened between partners (whether because they were too drunk/ HIGH). This term can be used to refer to the physical harm that occurs when someone else sexually touches you without your consent. It’s illegal, and often these types of injuries aren’t direct displays like cuts or bruises but rather more emotionally scarring feelings such as fear for one’s safety in general because they’ve been victimized before by similar acts committed against them during/after an intimate relationship with this person which causes emotional trauma over time despite no longer being physically abused at least nowhere near.

Sexual assault injuries range from minor abrasions and bruises to major surgery on your internal organs such as perforation of the bowel or uterus due to sexual penetration with an object; this type of situation would require immediate medical attention regardless of its packages needing Diagnostic Series (which usually don’t involve dental work), stitches/repairs inside you at trial time surgical procedure outside facility setting, etc.

Common Sexual Assault Injury

The most common sexual assault injury is ahead or bodily contusion. This can happen when someone grabs you from behind and puts their hands over your mouth to stop you from yelling for help. However, it’s not always preventing them from doing so entirely because they still need some physical force applied to make sure that what happens next will be compelling enough– bruising the face with an elbow might work too if this was done intentionally rather than just instinctively reacting out of fear as many people do during these circumstances! The injuries people experience during sexual assault are some of the most severe. One type called a genital injury or rape exam can involve major surgery to save your life!

When sexual assault victim receives medical treatment for their injuries, one of the first things that emergency room doctors or nurses check on is often an initial assessment and check-up to see if there’s anything else wrong with them. They likely have several different types of exams performed during this time, including checking out physically looking at body parts like hands/legs; taking vital signs (heart rate); conducting underwear exams where they remove clothing, visually inspecting suspect areas while touching other objects near those zones under item inspection mode – basically, everything you’d expect your doctor do when examining someone after being hurt!

Why Choose Us

This is not your average case. You need a Musgrove Trial Firm sexual assault injury lawyer in Decatur, GA, for the following reasons: You were sexually assaulted and now have physical injuries as proof of it; There was probably unreasonable force used during any encounter where violence occurred–you may also have pictures or video footage to support this fact (like security cameras); If they didn’t get away with what they did without consequences then maybe other people will be more cautious about letting them happen again.

When someone has been sexually assaulted, they need to know that their attacker will be punished. They also want the assault recorded on video and photographed, so there is no confusion about what happened between them during this traumatic event. Hence, the healing process goes smoothly with closure. We help victims obtain justice by putting together strong cases against those who commit these crimes, which results in convictions 97% of the time. We always work hard to ensure everyone gets exactly what they deserve! Contact us now.