You may be entitled to monetary compensation if you were in an automobile accident caused by a tire defect. Plaintiff’s office Musgrove Trial Firm has extensive experience litigating tire explosion accidents in Decatur, United States, and has taken on negligent tire companies that seek to maximize profits at the expense of consumer safety. An attorney with the resources and skill to take on powerful insurance companies and win a car accident case is vital following a tire blowout accident that results in catastrophic injuries.

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The causes of tire accidents

There are several defects that contribute to tire failure, including insufficient quality control, substandard materials, and poor manufacturing techniques. A design defect can cause tire blowouts in vehicles that are high in the center of gravity or traveling at high speeds.

Is it possible to sue for an accident caused by a blowout tire? As tire manufacturers, it is their legal responsibility to ensure that all aspects of production are inspected and quality controlled to ensure that their products are safe for their intended use. When defects in design or manufacturing contribute directly to an accident, manufacturers can be held responsible for the damage. Plaintiffs may be able to collect high-dollar monetary awards or settlements if defects are proved in court.

Tire blowout accidents: protect your rights

The skill and perseverance of an auto defect lawyer are essential for establishing liability in a tire blowout crash because they work with industry experts regularly to uncover the truth. In addition to the tire manufacturer and designer, the person who is responsible for installing or selling the tires may also be a defendant. It is not uncommon for auto defect cases to involve multiple defendants and complex liability issues.

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