What to Look for and How to Prevent

Catastrophic injuries are some of the worst that can happen to someone. They’re often life-changing and permanent, which is why it’s so important to understand them and know how to prevent them. The first step in avoiding catastrophic injuries is knowing what they are. 

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Catastrophic injuries happen when a sudden and violent trauma causes severe damage to the body. This can be anything from an automobile accident, abuse, or another traumatic event that leads to a significant injury such as quadriplegia (e.g., severing the spinal cord). The type of catastrophic injury someone suffers will depend on what part of the body is injured. Still, in general, there are three broad categories: orthopedic injuries (broken bones), neurological injuries (tissue tearing), and vascular injuries (rupture). Injuries sustained by these parts all have different symptoms – for instance, if you sustain an orthopedic injury, it’s likely your bone may break through the skin. At the same time, this wouldn’t happen with neurological damage because of the nerve.

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People can do the most important thing when they are in a car, or another vehicle collision is to make sure everyone else’s needs have been met. If someone is hurt, call 911 as soon as possible and get the person medical attention if necessary. Once you’re confident that all parties involved with the incident need no further assistance from you, it may be time to look into what your legal options might entail; but first, let’s talk about how these matters should proceed following an accident of this magnitude at state law level before we decide on any course of action together.

Injuries and injuries can happen anytime in our life, but what if that injury is so bad it leaves you with a long-term disability or disfigurement? What are your options for getting compensation through the courts?

Injuries can take many shapes. They could be medical malpractice caused by an inexperienced doctor who didn’t know they were allergic to penicillin. The accident may have been because of someone else’s negligence, like when there was a sudden stop on the road due to construction work being done ahead of them without warning lights flashing beforehand, which creates confusion between drivers leading one car into another person causing severe injuries as well as emotional trauma from seeing their loved ones hurt right before their eyes.

If you suffered catastrophic injuries in a car accident, plane crash, or medical malpractice case and are unsure what to do next, talk with an experienced lawyer Norcross. Getting the right advice can help protect your family’s future financial security and give them peace of mind when moving forward from such tragic events.