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Causes of Truck Accidents

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Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Attorneys Norcross Georgia

Tractor-trailers are always traveling on major highways to make their next stop. The long hours on the road and the duty to operate such a large vehicle can lead to some unfortunate accidents. There are many reasons why a truck may collide with other cars on the road, and the experienced attorneys at The Musgrove Trial Firm can help you if you have been involved in an accident with a truck on the road.

Since many factors can lead to a trucking accident, here are some of the most common trucking collision causes.

Head-On and Rear-End Collisions

If a truck driver is not paying attention or experiences mechanical failure, a commercial truck may collide with a passenger vehicle. Truck drivers may steer into another lane or fall asleep at the wheel. If many vehicles suddenly slam on their brakes in front of a commercial truck driver, a collision can occur. Rear-end collisions are common because truck drivers need more time and distance to safely brake their vehicle. A truck driver who slams on the brakes can cause the truck to jack-knife and collide with a passenger vehicle, resulting in a pile up.

Due to the force generated from an 18-wheeler, the driver on the other side of a collision with such a large truck may experience severe injuries. That’s where The Musgrove Trial Firm can help.

Tire Blowouts and Brake Failure

Since commercial trucks have more than four times the number of wheels as a normal vehicle and travel longer distances, they are much more likely to experience a severe tire blowout. The long-distance journeys can cause the tires to overheat, making them more likely to pop. Blowouts are extremely dangerous, because the sudden event could cause the truck driver to lose control and veer into multiple lanes of traffic.

Commercial trucks use much larger and powerful brake pads to slow down their vehicle, however, a sudden stop or mechanical disturbance can cause total brake failure. It is extremely dangerous because a massive commercial truck can cause catastrophic damage to whatever is in its path.

Blind Spot and Rollover Accident

Commercial trucks must be extra diligent to check their blind spots. Truck drivers have a much larger area to watch out for when driving and other drivers should stay clear of the rear and sides of a commercial vehicle. If you cannot see a truck’s mirrors, they probably cannot see you.

A rollover accident can be triggered by mechanical failure, tire blowout, or a sudden sharp turn. It will cause the semi-truck to turn sideways and rollover. They are extremely dangerous, because the truck will cross multiple lanes at high speeds with no control.

Call The Musgrove Trial Firm About a Trucking Accident Case

A bad trucking accident can have horrific consequences. Drivers or passengers may be severely hurt and the damage to your vehicle often is extensive, which requires repairs.

If you need help following an accident with a truck, reach out to the compassionate Norcross attorneys at The Musgrove Trial Firm today!