What do you need when you have been in a car accident, and the other person was not at fault? You would likely be able to get no-fault coverage if there is an injury, but what about property damage or pain and suffering? If your insurance company refuses to pay more than $10,000 for damages because of liability issues, contact us. We are Atlanta uninsured motorist lawyers who have helped many people like yourself with their legal case against negligent drivers whose negligence caused them harm while driving on Georgia roads.

Atlanta is a city that has seen an increase in traffic accidents since the advent of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Uninsured motorists can create costly situations for victims, so it’s essential to have legal representation on your side if you’re injured by one.

Atlanta still maintains its reputation as “Hotlanta” even though temperatures are down this time of year—especially at night! If you’ve been involved in an auto accident here recently, don’t hesitate to contact us. Atlanta has an uninsured motorist coverage law which can be advantageous to those who have been in a car accident and do not possess their insurance.

The state of Georgia does offer some protection against liability for accidents that aren’t the fault of your vehicle. Atlanta, Georgia, is not a place that people typically associate with being “hard-driving.” But when you have an uninsured motorist trying to make their way through the city streets, it can be not easy. Fortunately, Atlanta has some of the most acceptable legal counsel in these types of cases. If your car was damaged by someone who didn’t carry any insurance or if they fled before police arrived, then call our law firm, and we’ll do everything possible to ensure justice for victims like yourself. If you’ve recently suffered from such property damage, reach out to one of our Atlanta Uninsured Motorists Law Firm attorneys today!

Why Choose Us

If you’re a driver in Atlanta, it’s important to research which insurance policy is best for your needs. This includes coverage that will cover an accident with another car if the other party does not have any liability protection on their vehicle or is uninsured.

Your life could be turned upside down by someone else who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions and has no way to pay compensation without adequate auto insurance. That’s why when many people shop around for insurance as part of our lives today – we often make sure that there is Uninsured Motorist Coverage included so that responsible drivers can protect themselves against those irresponsible ones!

When you need a lawyer, it’s not always easy to find the best one. If an uninsured motorist hits your car and then drives away before anyone can get their license plate number or call the police, who do you turn to? You should hire an Atlanta Uninsured Motorist Coverage Lawyer as soon as possible because this type of coverage doesn’t exist without us! Call today for help sorting out everything that needs tending to make sure justice prevails on behalf of yourself from those irresponsible drivers.