Just like any of the country’s main thoroughfares, Atlanta’s roads and highways are used by plenty of trucks on an average basis. Of course, given the amount of freight and pounds of shipment trucks are able to carry and transport from one point to another, it is no question that many companies and establishments use trucks in their day-to-day operations. It is also for this reason, in addition to the increased size of the truck itself and the corresponding expert driving skills needed, that trucks are prone to traffic accidents and collisions. In particular, because of their large size, height, and poor maneuverability, among other factors, these large vehicles have been, and continue to be, a common party to road accidents in Atlanta, as well as the rest of the state and the country.

As noted by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, one out of 10 deaths on the road involves a large truck. As to the fatalities, it has been found that 97 percent of such fatalities involve passenger vehicles. For drivers or passengers of four-wheeled cars, this, of course, is an alarming finding.

What are the common causes of truck accidents?

While there are many different factors that can cause truck accidents, below are the most common causes of truck accidents in the state and in the country:

  1. Truck drivers are often overworked and exhausted. Due to the nature of businesses that often are connected with the operation of trucks, truck drivers are required to work for long hours and drive many miles, and this results in driver sleepiness and fatigue. When these fatigued drivers force themselves into their shift, despite the exhaustion and impaired cognition and attention, accidents are likely to happen while on the road.
  2. Some drivers drive beyond the allowable speed limits. Stricter rules and speed limits are imposed on trucks precisely because these huge vehicles operate differently than normal-sized vehicles. They carry heavy loads and are thus more difficult to maneuver than four-wheeled units. When trucks go beyond the speed limits allowed by law, the hazards are heightened. Cargo may topple over, or the truck’s wheels might malfunction. Certainly, these may lead to collisions and mishaps.
  3. Some trucks are poorly maintained and are not in good working condition while on the road. Trucking industries, as well as the drivers and company-owners, have the duty to ensure that their trucks are in safe working condition every time they hit the road. When these 18-wheelers are not regularly checked, the defect might show itself on the highway, and is likely to cause accidents and injuries.

How does one seek liability in truck accidents?

Seeking liability in truck accidents, regardless whether the facts and circumstances clearly show that the truck was at fault, is never automatic. In other words, even if you, as an injured party, are completely faultless, you cannot immediately and automatically claim against the parties involved, such as the trucking company or the insurance company implicated in the potential claim. In personal injury cases, such as a truck accident, here is the basic checklist in order to make and build your case as a claiming party:

  • Is there a duty on the part of the defendant, that is, the person you intend to claim against, to prevent the injury from happening?
  • If so, was there a breach of this duty?
  • Was this breach of duty the proximate cause of the injury you have suffered?

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