A gasoline vehicle fire is more manageable than an electric vehicle fire. Electric fires require more than 25,000 gallons of water compared to a typical automobile fire. Most fire departments lack the necessary tools to transport that amount of water. Due to a severe shortage of resources, many fire departments are at a severe disadvantage.

Additionally, according to the National Fire Protection Association, just 20% of firemen have received training in handling battery fires in electric vehicles.  Additionally, according to the National Fire Protection Association, just 20% of firefighters have received training in handling battery fires in electric cars.

If a Tesla fire has caused you harm or financial loss, contact a Tesla fire attorney at the Musgrove Trial Firm. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration looked at Tesla car batteries that started vehicle fires. The ongoing lawsuit against Tesla for these battery fires is well-known to a Tesla fire attorney. A few battery fires happened due to an accident, but most happened while the automobile was unplugged and idling. More than 20 Tesla fires and numerous battery fire-related fatalities have reportedly occurred since 2013. Those hurt or killed by a faulty Tesla battery may be able to recover damages and hold the manufacturer accountable with the aid of a Tesla fire attorney.

Why Are Tesla Batteries Caught On Fire?

The cause of Tesla battery fires is thought to be damaged energy cells. These cells could be harmed by a manufacturing flaw or in a collision with a vehicle.

Once a car’s lithium-ion battery has suffered damage from a collision, there are no surefire ways to drain its charge. As energy is stored inside the battery, it repeatedly overheats and experiences excessive pressure, which can lead to fires and explosions. Fire departments must cool the batteries with enormous amounts of water to put out these flames.

What Help Can a Tesla Fire Attorney Provide?

A Tesla fire attorney can take the necessary actions to look into and establish what caused your Tesla fire. A Tesla fire attorney can take the required action to look into and show what caused your Tesla fire. In that situation, working with a knowledgeable and skilled Tesla fire attorney is advisable to fight for just compensation for your injuries or losses incurred due to damage to your home or vehicle.

We will have a complimentary consultation with you to learn more about what happened. By doing so, we can assess the strength of your claim and determine whether negligence had a role in your injuries. After that, we’ll plan your legal strategy to ensure that your claim has the highest chance of success. Our tenacious personal injury attorneys have years of expertise involving faulty products and fiercely defend the rights of the injured.

To immediately speak with a Tesla fire lawyer, contact Musgrove Trial Firm by phone or email. You and your family require the assistance of a tenacious lawyer who will protect your rights and work to get you the compensation you deserve.