Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuits provide some of the most needed assistance to those that have been injured. These accidents can be caused by many different factors. They are often caused by car accidents, sports injuries, workplace injuries, motorcycle, and truck accidents, and falls. Some diseases can cause this type of injury. Two of the main areas of injury law are Product liability and negligence. This article will give you a basic overview of what is involved with these two areas of law.

Product Liability: When a person suffers an injury because of a defective product they are considered to be the Product Owner and will need to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or their agent. If you are a victim then you should consult with an injury attorney Atlanta to find out the best type of Product Liability Lawsuit for your case. The three main areas of Product Liability are negligence, strict liability, and consumer protection claims. In negligence cases, the Product Owner will be responsible for negligence in the design or manufacture of their product. In strict liability cases, the Product Owner will need to prove the product was inherently dangerous and did not have adequate warning.

Fraudulent deaths are another area of law that is very popular. This area of law is especially fun for attorneys to work with clients who have been killed due to a car accident or slipped and fell. The main issue is determining who is at fault in the situation. In most cases, the person or company that is being blamed will need to show that they had warned about the hazard before the death. A qualified attorney will know exactly how to proceed in this type of case.

Thousands of individuals suffer from spinal cord injuries in the United States alone. Such injuries can take place anywhere and occur to anyone. Patients can suffer severe chronic pain and paralysis due to spinal cord injuries. In rare cases, it could also result in death. We invite you to call our spinal cord injury Atlanta attorney for free legal advice.


You are already aware that spinal cord injuries are a very tough situation to encounter. However, life in a wheelchair might also denote that individuals treat you in a very different manner. You will find individuals who will look at you, ignore you, and sometimes even times in which they will reject you.

Bear in mind that discrimination at school and work is not legal. Suing is your only means to enforce your privileges. Hiring a spinal cord injury lawyer Atlanta will enable you to be counseled about your rights as a disabled person. They will also deliver mail on your behalf. These professionals will be accountable for filing a lawsuit on your behalf to safeguard you from any form of judgment.


Suffering a spinal cord injury is synonymous with losing your salary. You tend to take long months or even years off to recover from your spinal cord injury. You are eligible to be paid for such lost salaries. A spinal cord injury lawyer Atlanta could recover your funds to cover that reduction in gaining capacity. That is very beneficial, especially if your injury has lowered or removed your capability to earn a living.