Another common type of road mishaps, motorcycle accidents can be quite devastating and costly. Because these two-wheeled vehicles offer little protection in contrast to bigger ones they encounter on the road, the results can get catastrophic when a motorcyclist gets into a collision with a car, truck, or any other type of larger vehicle.

In Georgia, motorcycles make up only 2% of all of the registered vehicles in the state, but despite this small percentage, motorcycle accidents account for around 7% of the state’s road fatalities. Zooming in on Atlanta, it has been reported that approximately 56% of motorcycle accidents result in serious physical injuries. 

Given the prevalence of motorcycle accidents in Atlanta, it is important to equip ourselves with helpful information should the time come that we get into this kind of mishap ourselves.

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Collisions

Based on these past occurrences, here are the most common injuries arising from motorcycle collisions, which is not just true in Atlanta, but as well as the entire state and the country:

  • Spine and back injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Concussion
  • Broken bones, particularly in the arms and legs
  • Other orthopedic problems, including sprains and torn ligaments
  • Disfigurement
  • Internal injuries

It is important to note, however, that apart from these physical injuries, there are other adverse consequences that can be caused by motorcycle accidents. Besides having to endure the pain from these bodily injuries, an injured party will also have to go through other pains—loss of income or earning capacity, mental anguish, trauma, distress, and, of course, the financial burden.

Claiming Liability for Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

That said, when you get involved in a motorcycle accident and thereby suffer any of these injuries, you would surely want to be compensated for them. Among other things, below are the most important things you must prove in order to build a strong personal injury case arising from a motorcycle mishap:

  • Does the defendant, or the person whom you are seeking liabilities against, have the legal duty to prevent the injury from happening?
  • Was there a breach of such duty? In other words, did the defendant fail to exercise due diligence and do what he or she was required to do, given the circumstances, to avoid the injury?
  • Was this breach of duty the proximate cause of the injuries you have suffered?

This is the common outline for a personal injury case, but of course, these are not the only things that you need to prove in order to claim. Aside from this, you will also have to present strong and relevant evidence, so as to support your claims as against the defendant.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

Claiming damages is seemingly difficult and consuming, but this need not add to the stress you, as an injured party, are already going through. Musgrove Trial Firm is here to relieve your pains and assist you in your potential personal injury case. 

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