There are a lot of benefits of being a dog owner, or any kind of pet owner for that matter. For one, which perhaps is the most common reason why people choose to own pets, pet owners enjoy the companionship and comfort from these lovable animals. As research has consistently proven that pet ownership contributes a lot to a person’s mental health and well-being, many people choose to keep pets as companions in their home. Another reason is the added security that pets, particularly dogs, bring to a residence.

What we must note, though, is that while there are these advantages, pet owners also have duties under the law. Essentially, they must be answerable to any injury caused by their pet. In other words, owning a dog or any pet may have a lot of positive benefits, but it also comes with certain legal responsibilities, particularly when the owner’s dog or pet bites and/or attacks a person, who, more often than not, is unwary and unsuspecting. An injured party from a dog bite or animal attack, as a general rule, has the right to seek liability and compensation under the law.

What are the common injuries caused by dog bites and animal attacks?

Compared to other types of personal injury (such as motor accidents or medical malpractice cases), dog bites and animal attacks may seem the less serious and less fatal type. Despite this reality, however, dog bites and animal attacks nonetheless cause a variety of bodily injuries that would need serious and immediate medical assistance, and may tend to worsen if disregarded and/or not promptly treated.

Some of the most common injuries arising from dog bites and animal attacks are:

  • Rabies and other viral infection
  • Puncture wounds
  • Neck and spinal injuries
  • Eye infection and injuries
  • Disfigurement and amputation
  • Nerve damage
  • Broken bones

What do the local laws say about liability in dog bites and animal attack cases?

Georgia’s laws give counties and cities the authority to regulate animal behavior, as well as to set standards in order to determine whether a dog or animal is deemed “dangerous” or “potentially dangerous.” This is because the state, as a rule, subscribes to the ‘vicious animal theory,’ or the notion that if a vicious or dangerous dog causes harm to a person, the owner of such animal shall be strictly liable.

Atlanta’s Code of Ordinances states that a dangerous dog is one that has either caused severe injury to a person without first being provoked, or acted aggressively toward humans after previously being classified as “potentially dangerous.”

To be able to build a potential personal injury case arising from a dog bite or animal attack in Atlanta, an injured party must also clearly show that at the time of the attack, the animal was being “carelessly managed” and thus was “at liberty” to make the attack. Further, to reiterate a point mentioned in the earlier paragraph, such injured party must also prove that there was no provocation on his or her part prior to the attack.

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