Children are far more vulnerable to injury, and serious accidents could leave them physically disabled for the rest of their lives. When a child suffers a life-changing injury, parents and other adults need to take immediate action to ensure that the child has the resources necessary for ongoing medical care. Often, medical funds can harshly affect the families in this situation, and sufficient compensation for the accident is important. As soon as you are aware that your child has suffered a serious injury, an injury that will require significant resources to care for over a lifetime, make sure you have a child injury attorney Atlanta who understands the seriousness of a child’s health.

Childrens’ injury attorney lawsuits are a big part of the legal system in the United States. Most commonly, a person harmed or killed by another person is allowed to file a legal suit against the individual. This type of lawsuit exists because it takes a lot of time and money to prove negligence. Most insurance companies will only cover specific actions that were caused. If the victim can prove that their injuries were not caused accidentally but rather that someone was negligent, they may get compensation from that person.

The process of getting a children’s injury attorney Atlanta is fairly easy. There are plenty of resources on the Internet that can give people good advice on choosing a lawyer. Anyone who wants to pursue a case through the court system should take the time to research all of their options. Having an experienced lawyer is important because he or she will know all of the laws and procedures applicable in the courtroom. Even when a person feels very confident that they have a case, it is always better to hire a lawyer that has experience.

An experienced accident attorney Atlanta should be willing to explain all of the things that you can expect after an accident involving a child. Many injuries can occur that will require special attention. These accidents could include traumatic brain injury, paralysis, blindness, hearing loss, and much more. With a good lawyer, you will be able to get the full amount of compensation that you are entitled to for your child’s medical bills, lost wages, and any other damages that resulted from this accident. You will not have to worry about making the large upfront payment that many people feel they need to win their case.


Several types of injury tend to have different, often more severe, consequences for children than adults. Being aware of those differences is crucial to ensuring that the child gets adequate compensation from the person responsible for causing the injuries.


Contrary to some conventional wisdom, children are not protected against long-term consequences of brain injury. It is, however, more difficult to identify the deficits caused by a brain injury in children. The problem is that children have much more learning to do. The injury may leave the information already stored in their brains intact but damage their ability to add and process new information. That deficit in learning abilities may not become apparent for some time—maybe even years—after the injury, when the children begin to face the greater demands placed on them in the social and academic worlds. While some brain-injured children appear both physically and mentally normal during the lawsuit to recover from their injuries, an experienced Atlanta child injury lawyer knows that medical evidence had shown that brain-injured children tend to have lower IQ scores, especially when the injury occurred at a very young age.

Children with brain damage also are more likely to be emotionally disturbed—up to six times as likely as similar children without brain injury.


Children’s bones are still growing. If the injury affects the growth process, a child victim may experience:

  • One injured limb being shorter than the other
  • The injured limb growing at an abnormal angle (an “angular deformity”)
  • Abnormal motion in an affected joint

Any of these problems can seriously affect both appearance and mobility.


Scarring tends to be harder on children than adults, both psychologically and physically. Physically, the problem is that the scar tissue grows at a different rate than normal tissue. Scarring near a child’s joints can restrict mobility.

Psychologically, scarring can make children extremely insecure about their appearance and inhibit their ability to form friendships and engage in social activity. As they grow older, it may even affect their employment prospects. The problem tends to be greatest when the scarring occurs before the children have fully developed their social skills and self-image.