Despite the implementation of stricter traffic and road safety rules and corresponding penalties for violations, the reality is that car accidents remain to be one of the most common types of personal injury cases in the US. These unfortunate occurrences do not only result in costly property damage and severe injuries, but they have caused and continue to cause tragic deaths of innocent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Atlanta, GA

In Atlanta, the whole of Georgia, and the entire country, even, the most common causes of car accidents are:

  • Speeding and violating other traffic rules: Traffic rules are implemented exactly to prevent car accidents and maintain safety on the road. When drivers violate these road safety rules, whether intentionally or not, they put themselves and others at risk. What is alarming about this is the fact that this particular cause, more often than not, results in major damage, depending on the speed and level of imprudence or recklessness involved.
  • Distracted driving: This pertains to any act that detracts the driver’s attention from driving the vehicle. It can be as simple as spacing out while navigating and operating the vehicle or more overt acts such as adjusting the volume or changing the channel on the car radio, using a cell phone, or any such act that takes the driver’s eyes off the road and his hands off the wheel.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI): Certainly, when a driver is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, they are unable to think clearly and focus on road safety, among other things. They are physically and mentally unfit to operate a vehicle, and if they choose to do so, it really is an accident waiting to happen.
  • Bad weather: While this is not attributable to the driver, it is nonetheless the responsibility of any driver to be more careful when driving under extreme weather conditions. Regrettably, many do not adjust their driving despite the heavy rains, for instance, and this results in unwanted mishaps.
  • Car flaws: There are instances when the vehicle itself causes the car accident. It could be a malfunctioning brake, faulty car lights, or unmaintained tires. While wear and tear is most definitely normal in all vehicles, it is still the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the car is in good driving condition to avoid any trouble.

Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

In personal injury claims and cases involving car accidents, you need a legal professional who will represent you and protect your interests, and will make sure everything is dealt with properly and accordingly, so you, as the injured party, can just focus on yourself and your recovery. Correspondingly, if you are the party against whom liability is being sought, a lawyer will help you to reduce liability, at the very least.

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