Distracted driving has become a top cause of auto accidents to date, with cellular phone use or other cell phone-related activities listed as one of the most common acts of distracted driving in the United States. As per a 2019 research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 3000 lives were lost due to distracted driving in 2019, while approximately 28,000 people suffered minor to severe injuries because of cellular phone usage while behind the wheel.

Texting and Driving

Even without the numbers, the risks and hazards of texting while driving are imaginable. A driver who reads a text, types and sends one, or basically does anything using his phone, in effect, does the following:

  • takes his eyes off the road, 
  • takes his hands off the wheel, and 
  • takes his mind off driving. 

It definitely is risky driving behavior that, no doubt, has caused and continues to cause road mishaps leading to serious injuries, property damage, and even death. In fact, research confirms that texting while driving is more likely to cause an auto accident than drunk driving, even if it involves just a few taps and clicks and takes only a few seconds.

Texting and Driving Laws

Because of the frequency of car accidents resulting from distracted driving, different road safety laws are now in place to help reduce these mishaps. Laws vary from state to state. Some states implement a strict no-texting rule for all drivers and a few ones going for a more lenient route, such as applying the prohibition only to a few select driver categories or groups.

For the state of Georgia in particular, drivers and traffic enforcers should be very much aware of the Hands-Free Georgia Act. Passed and took effect back in 2018, this law essentially prohibits motorists from using their cell phones or any similar wireless device to write, transmit, or read text data while behind the wheel. Before enacting the Hands-Free Georgia Act, drivers within the state’s borders enjoyed a more tolerant system of rules regarding distracted driving. Particularly, even if behind the wheels, people were generally allowed to be on their phones, except only when texting.

Because of the rising number of injuries and deaths, however, legislators have deemed it wise to enforce stricter laws for distracted driving, which, according to State Representative John Carson, is the “DUI issue of our generation.” Hence, the Hands-Free Georgia Act, which now disallows some of the following acts while on the road:

  • watching and recording videos using a cellular phone or any wireless device,
  • writing, reading, or sending text messages, emails, social media content, and any other internet data, or
  • holding a cellular phone or having it touch any part of the driver’s body.

Auto Accidents Involving Texting and Driving

Following these state rules and regulations on distracted driving can most definitely minimize the possibility of an auto accident. If, however, you get involved in a Georgia car accident resulting from texting and driving or some other act of distracted driving, Musgrove Trial Firm Alpharetta is here to provide its legal expertise and assistance.

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