Slip & Fall Lawyer Alpharetta

Slip & Fall Law is the set of laws designed to protect you from injuries on your property. These types of accidents happen when either you or a third party has fallen and been injured. Commonly this happens at home, on a sidewalk, in the mall, at the beach, bowling alley, or at a business. If you’ve ever experienced any of those things then you are familiar with slip & fall law. It is important that you understand the laws and know what to do if someone is being negligent.

A slip and fall accident occurs when you were injured on your property. You were on your property in an area that was not properly maintained. The owner of the property may have failed to keep the property in a safe condition. This can happen due to poor landscaping, the lack of adequate lighting, or other things. For example, if a sidewalk is not properly maintained and you walk along it and slip on some loose gravel, then you may have a case.

Slip & Fall Law covers all sorts of different injuries that can happen on your property. Some of those include bruises, cuts, sprains, brain injury, spinal cord injuries, and many other related injuries. If you have any of these symptoms for a long period of time then you should report it to your lawyer. In most cases it’s not considered personal injury, and you may be able to sue the owner of the property under slip & fall law.

There are certain requirements that need to be met in order to file a lawsuit under slip & fall. First of all you will need to establish that someone was at fault for the accident. This could be a person that was renting the property, the owner of the property, or another party. In most cases the party that was at fault is responsible for paying all of the damages. In addition, you will also need to show proof of the damage to the property such as broken floor boards, carpet, and furniture.

Many people want to know how much they can collect in a slip & fall-law case. The courts usually want to see extensive medical bills, and possibly records of prescriptions. They will also want proof of the severity of the injury. Because of this there may be a large settlement amount. However, the amount can vary widely from one case to another and can be much less in some cases.

Who is Responsible for a Slip and Fall Accident?

A slip and fall accident typically falls under the umbrella of premises liability law. Premises liability laws state that all property owners bear the responsibility to reasonably ensure the safety of their premises. Ensuring the safety of a property involves searching for and repairing potential slip and fall hazards, such as slippery surfaces or icy parking lots. It is a property owner’s duty to inspect a property for hazards, repair known dangers, and warn of hazardous conditions.

If a property owner fails to uphold these duties, resulting in a preventable slip and fall, the victim will have the right to pursue compensation through a premises liability claim. It will be up to the plaintiff or his or her premises liability lawyer to prove that the property owner in question owed a duty of care, breached this duty, and caused or failed to prevent the accident. Proving a case often involves collecting evidence such as video footage or eyewitness statements. A slip and fall attorney Alpharetta can investigate your accident and gather evidence on your behalf.